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Vanessa Renee Scott (Karamelprincess)

Poet, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Vanessa Renee Scott (born November 1, 1985) is an international poet and song writer from Las Cruces, New Mexico. A U.S. Military brat, Scott was born in Louisiana and lived in Spain and California before coming to Las Cruces over 20 years ago. Her parents Kenneth R. Scott and Virginia R. Scott raised 2 boys and 3 girls, Vanessa is the baby of the family who is now a mother of 2 boys (Ages 4 & 9). She enjoys spending time with family and close friends, listening to music, books, poetry, dancing, watching a good movie or show, eating great food, and enjoying life. She loves Pink Panther. Scott began her poetic journey dating back to the early 2000's through her years of advanced creative writing and expresses herself  through a variety of styles. She seldom edits or rewrites her first draft.


Scott goes by the pen name Karamelprincess. She has been recognized and won numerous poetry contests and wants to inspire others through the creative art of poetry. She has been featured consistently in the International Reader's Digest.

For Scott, who created Nessa Style Productions: Community Serve, poetry is just another way of giving back to her community. She has a passion for helping others in need and throughout her community. She is known to be a very generous sponsor to some local organization.

Scott has a big heart and has a true passion for helping people which doesn't require recognition. She loves to encourage, motivate and inspire others anyway she can. She also takes the tough situations that people face in life and give people hope for the future. She has an aspiration to become involved with the film industry and eventually turn her books into movies. She has the ultimate goal to change lives and touch people with the power of her pen.

Poetic Medicine

By: Karamelprincess

When the world was asleep

I looked outside and took a sneak peak

So many lives waiting to be touched by me

And I will take them on a poetic journey

One smile at a time, my goal

Turning broken spirits whole

Making them see things in a different light

Being there to stand up and fight

I'm motivated to take some hands and rise up

I'm determined to help people say “This is enough !”

We only have one life to live so let's live it right

And I will encorage you with all my might

Speak what's on your mind, mean what you say

Come to me and I will lead the way

You never have to be alone because i'm always here

Providing the poetric medicine that fills your ear

Don't be afraid, take as much as you want, over dose

Know you got a friend in me and i'll always be close