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Benny Duhay Copes With The Quarantine Through His Witty Song “Bubble Rap”

When January 1, 2020 arrived, many of us were thrilled. Why? Because along with a new year comes new clarity, new possibilities, and new opportunities. As February came and went, we still had these things in mind, as we dreamed of what excitement was on the horizon for us. Once March appeared, we were simply ecstatic to be in the final stages of winter’s brutal cold and happily awaiting summer’s warmth.

Then it happened. Something that none of us could have never imagined: The arrival of COVID-19. Almost immediately, stay-at-home orders were issued, and just like that, summer was cancelled. Nowadays, many of us have been forced to live in our own private bubbles. While some have found the “bubble life” to be relaxing, others do not seem to enjoy it at all. Among the unenthusiastic ones is none other than Tel Aviv born, LA based hip hop artist Benny Duhay.

During a time where many have succumbed to sadness as a result of the current unfortunate circumstances, Duhay has decided to spread laughter with his witty quarantine jam “Bubble Rap.” Filmed in his home, the energetic track’s accompanying video showcases Duhay in full quarantine mode, as he plays a game of beer pong with himself, completely embodying the extreme boredom that many have been experiencing during the pandemic. As he hastily crosses days off of his calendar, he continuously sips vodka, while also showcasing his agitation with the fact that his electronic gadgets don’t seem to be working properly. Duhay’s creative approach to dealing with today’s reality makes turbulence seem quite amusing. Influenced by Hip Hop heavyweights such as Drake, Eminem, and Lupe Fiasco, Benny Duhay is swiftly raising his own bar, and plans on wrapping up 2020 with more releases and surprises. Stay in the loop by visiting his social media handles below.

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