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Sweet Somber Vibes: DEVMO's “Stayin Here”

-Ashly E. Smith

A party is where we go to possibly link with like minded individuals to radiate positive energy and have an overall good time. What happens when the vibes are different? How do we cope with being surrounded by others who propagate happiness, while we are sad? Deerfield, Illinois' own Devin “DEMVO” Moses knows the feeling all too well. As a result, she shares her experiences and remedies in her new single, “Stayin’ Here”.

Throughout the song, DEVMO takes us on a lyrical journey of feeling sad inside, yet being happy to be alive. Released on August 13th, the accompanying video shows DEVMO at a beach party, trying to distract herself from her bad mood. At the party, she lyrically describes feelings of isolation that she gets while feeling alone amidst a group of people. “I was going through a difficult time with a break up that happened during my first tour and once I got back to Los Angeles and found myself utterly alone,” DEVMO says. “I'd go out to parties a lot to distract myself from the loneliness.

“I didn't necessarily want to be at these parties and actually felt miserable at most of them, but I knew it was better than being alone and basking in the drama of it all”. We've all been here at least once. Most times, we choose to attend parties, because we aspire to have a great time. Others, we only want to show support to the hosts, despite not being fully mentally or emotionally prepared to do so. Described as a “melancholic summertime jam”, one would never know by its uptempo, yet subtle melody.

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